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I enjoy designing websites.

I'm alone a lot, and don't get around well, so these days I tend to spend my more productive hours on my Mac. Well, okay, I admit it -- I've always spent a lot of time on my Mac. I've had seven or eight of them.

I'm an amateur at web design, so I only do it for friends and I don't charge. I like to concentrate on content, rather than flashy animation and other bells and whistles that take up bandwidth. I used to use Adobe PageMill, but alas, they ceased to update it, so when I made the move to Mac OS X, I finally gave in and switched to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.


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Computer Games

I'm addicted to computer games.

For one thing, I enjoy building houses and creating objects for the game The Sims. I have a Yahoo group to distribute my creations, called:

Wondrheart's Sim Stuff

On that site you'll also find links to my favorite Sims-related sites.

Commercial Game Programs*

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Sometimes I'm not alone.

Speaking of games, I thoroughly enjoy getting a few friends together and playing games. I prefer approaching them in a spirit of humor and good fellowship, rather than seriousness and competition. Pente and Othello are good strategy games, but the others listed here are based mainly on chance and/or imagination. Don't forget the pizza.

Some Favorite Games*

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*game and software sales from these links benefit the UU Fellowship of Jonesboro, in association with Amazon.com.
I myself receive no part of the sales.

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