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My name is Sandi.

I am an atypical middle-aged woman living in northeast Arkansas. I live alone with my golden retrievers Kira and Tyler. I have a big heart (literally) and time to fill. I miss the Ozarks. I miss my hair. I miss dancing the blues. I'm trying to learn to play the hand I'm dealt, bloom where I'm planted, yada yada yada, while at the same time reaching for the stars and following my bliss. I'm exploring my creativity and spirituality. I'm a heretic and a food snob. I like antiques and hate guns. I'm intolerant of intolerance. I'm beginning to suspect I might have something to say after all.

What's New -- June 17, 2004 -- I've added new links on many of the pages. They are marked as new.

My site is divided into sections by topic:

  • The head section is for my thoughts, particularly in the area of religion and philosophy.
  • The eyes section is for looking at my photography, as in my gallery.
  • The ears section is so that I can hear from you.
  • The mouth section is for me to speak out on issues I care about.
  • The heart section concerns my medical adventure as a heart patient and potential transplant recipient. Features my journal.
  • The stomach section is about food --cooking and dining. Includes recipes.
  • The arms section (since arms are for embracing) is about people, such as family and friends.
  • The hands section is for my hobbies, etc, primarily web design and creating for The Sims game.
  • The thumb section is thumbs up for my favorite books.
  • The bones section has gone to the dogs.
  • The feet section is for hiking the backroads of cyberspace.
  • The DNA section is for the people who made me me, my ancestors.


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Thank you for visiting.


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